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" Specializing in the latest orthotic technology."

Being that orthotic care is a large part of our business we understand how a quality designed and fit orthosis can improve one's quality of life. With that, we treat every patient as an individual never making assumptions but rather taking the time to evaluate and treat based on specific and individualistic needs. Whether it is custom fabricated, custom fit or DME we provide the following:

Spinal Bracing

checkThorasic and Lumbar
checkScoliosis Spinal Systems

Fracture Bracing


Lower Extremity

checkA.F.O. to H.K.A.F.O.
checkCustom and O.T.S. Knee Orthosis
checkSport Foot Orthotics

Upper Extremity

checkHand- Basic Long Opponents
checkWrist- Flexor Hinge
checkElbow- Extension and Flexion Control

Diabetic Footcare

checkExtra Depth Shoes
checkDiabetic Insoles
checkHealing Shoes
checkC.R.O.W. Walker

We also specialize in the latest diabetic care devices: including, but not limited to, pressure relief healing shoes, crow walkers, diabetic shoes, inserts and much more.

Quality Is Not An Act, It's A Habit.